Catfish for Aquaponics

Many people choose catfish for Aquaponics. Catfish are very good at adapting to their environment, are not territorial and breed quite easily. They tolerate water temperature variations and come in a variety of breeds suitable for various locations. The warmer the water that you keep your catfish in, the quicker they will grow.

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Growing Plants Using Aquaponics

Research has proven that plants have a positive effect on people. In addition to oxygenizing the room where you place them, plants also have a beneficial effect on people’s mood. This is the reason for which more and more people choose to decorate their apartment with natural plants. Aquaponics is a great way to grow plants indoors.

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Is a Hydroponic System Organic?


Are hydroponic systems organic? This question has generated a great debate in many countries. This debate has arisen from the disputed ideas on the meaning of “organic”. In many parts of the world, the system is certified as organic if soil is used as a growing medium. However, certain types of hydroponic systems have been … Read more

Hydroponics: Benefits and Challenges

Hydroponics is an innovative technique of cultivation. Hydroponic gardening has adapted itself quickly to many conditions. These conditions range from outdoor field culture and indoor greenhouses to highly specific culture in atomic submarines and space stations. The improved control over the growing environment in hydroponic gardening provides the finest possible conditions for plant growth. This … Read more