Hydroponic Grow Tents and Grow Boxes

Advantages of a Hydroponic Grow Tent or Box

With a hydroponic grow tent or box, it is easier to control growing environments conditions such as the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. This makes it easier to create the optimum conditions required for a specific plant.

If you purchase a grow tent with a reflective silver coating, the light and heat reflects off the interior sides onto the plant leaves. The confined area and reflective surface save energy and money.

Grow tents are easy to set up — such as lighting, ventilation, etc. Lights may be hung from the steel-enforced ceiling, and most grow tents also come equipped with ventilation holes so setting up ventilation is an easy process.

With a grow tent there are fewer problems with pests because there is a barrier between the plants and the outside environment.

Hydroponic grow boxes have similar advantages to a grow tent. The boxes tend to be better sealed from the elements and you can use them for smaller numbers of plants. Another advantage is that they often include integrated features, like a reservoir, tubing and trays and lighting.

Making Money with an Hydroponic Grow Tent

It’s possible to control and fine-tune the environment within a grow tent. Therefore, you can obtain larger crop sizes and healthier plants than most other environments. A hydroponic grow tent enables you to grow exotic and expensive herbs, fruit or vegetables out of season or under conditions that would normally require a different climate.

You can sell these plants or you could always sell them to restaurants, hotels, farm shops, food halls or private buyers at premium prices.

What to Consider when Buying a Grow Tent

When buying a grow tent the 3 most important factors will be the cost, dimensions, and materials. The materials and size of the grow tent are the biggest factors in determining the price. Other Important factors include light and heat leakage, the strength of the frame, user-friendliness, and accessories.

Size and Cost

Indoor grow tents are available in a variety of sizes. Grow tent sizes include the smaller 3×3 and 2×4 foot tents, medium-sized 4×4, 4×6, or 4×8 foot, as well as the larger 5×5 and 10×10 foot grow tents.

The cost of a grow tent can vary significantly but you can buy a grow tent suitable for a hobbyist for between $100 to $200. For this price, you can expect a decent sized grow tent (at least 4ft x 4ft width x 6ft height) with reflective inner lining.

User friendliness

You want a grow tent that is easy to set up with clear easy to follow instructions. Most grow tents are easy to set up.

Grow Tent Accessories

If buying a grow tent you should also purchase a grow light. A high intensity discharge lamp should be used for this purchase as these are powerful enough to mimic natural sunlight while efficient enough to be cost-effective. Other accessories could include the following:

  • An Air Duct Inline Hydroponic Booster Fan
  • A Flexible Ducting pipe for the air
  • A Hydroponic Carbon Air Filter
  • An indoor humidity monitor
  • A grow light hanger

You can also buy grow tent kits that include all necessary accessories as a single package.

When buying a grow tent you should ensure your tend meets the following standards:

  • The inner surface should be made of reflective material to retain light and heat (Mylar reflective inner surface etc)
  • Be sturdy and strong enough to be moved around and hold a decent sized grow light and/or fan on the bars above the plants.
  • Provide good insulation against heat loss.
  • Made of non-toxic, non-flammable materials.
  • Easy to set up (user-friendliness)

If you are interested in creating a DIY grow tent, you’ll be interested in the following video:

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