Hydroponics Gardening Guide: Introduction

indoor hydroponics system

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is part of hydroculture, the practice of growing plants only using water with a growing medium and nutrients. There is no soil involved.

With the hydroponics technology available today, we can grow our favorite plants. In fact, you can grow any plant for that matter, at any time of the year. With the latest hydroponic systems along with specialized horticultural lighting, hydroponics at home becomes easy and effective.

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How To Grow Hydroponic Fruits and Vegetables


In this article, we provide home gardeners detailed information and guides related to growing hydroponic fruits and vegetables. Hydroponic growing systems are suitable for growing a wide variety of produce. If you live in a relatively small space, like an apartment, an indoor hydroponic garden can be a perfect way to ensure there’s always a fresh, organic supply for your meals.

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Aquaponic Gardening Essentials

Aquaponic gardens can give you lots of fresh vegetables and tasty fish. They are great for any home as well as for any age and occupation.  However, they will not take care of themselves! It is true that they require very little attention, but it is essential that you give them those few minutes a day every day to obtain excellent results and keep the farm producing for the long term. In this article, we give you the aquaponic gardening essentials you need to know.

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