Aquaponics: More than a Hobby

When you have your own garden, growing crops can be quite an intensive activity. It requires a lot of work, time and resources. The resources mainly being fertile land. If you had a vegetable garden for a longer period, you will know that nutrients in the soil will become depleted and you will have to fertilize it accordingly.

There are organic ways to do this but growers often use artificial fertilizers. Also this fertilizing takes its time and money. It is because of these drawbacks that make many people decide to discontinue their efforts in growing their own organic food.

Aquaponics is Simple

However, there is a simple manner of growing these organic crops right in your home, garage or backyard. You will have full control of everything with little effort. What I’m talking about is gardening following the aquaponics system. This farming doesn’t just result in high quality organic vegetables but also leaves you with fish. In case you don’t want to eat your fish, you could use Koi or any other fish to decorate your surroundings. Examples of fish suitable for consumption are trout, bass and catfish.

Use the Proper Fish

Be sure you are allowed to breed or have specific species of fish at your home. Your local government will be able to inform you about any prohibited activities when it comes to fish. Certain species of exotic fish might be not allowed to be kept at your home. The reason behind this is that they can form a serious danger to endemic species when they are released in the wild. Good examples of what might happen to the local environment are the introduction of Silver Carp and the Northern Snakehead to bodies of water in certain states in America.

How Aquaponics Works

The aquaponics system works as follows. Fish live in a separate tank or pond and their waste acts as nutrients for your crops. What the system does, is deliver this water to your crops so they can benefit from it. The water basically is undergoing a continuous cycle. As long as you take care of your fish, your vegetables will flourish. Taking care of the fish is not much of an intensive assignment as they only require food, sufficient oxygen and good pH value of the water they live in. Because the plants extract the nutrients, the water is kept clean for the fish to live in.

You don’t need to do any fertilizing or maintaining an aquaponics system. As long as the fish are happy, you’ll have excellent crops. You can grow practically any plants using this system except for plants that actually need soil to develop their crops like potatoes, carrots and onions. If you do have these kinds of plants anyway, you can use water from the aquaponics system to irrigate them.

Benefits of Aquaponics

Aquaponic farming is a fantastic way to grow your crops and be left with vegetables and fish. Even if it was just for a hobby, aquaponic farming is a fun and great activity to involve your children with. It will teach them key aspects of the natural environment surrounding them as well as responsibility. They will understand how this cycle works and what makes it tick. Next to that, they will have to monitor the vegetables, take care of the fish and occasionally check if the system is still working to satisfaction.

Because the aquaponics system doesn’t involve lots of hard work and time, it’s also very much suited as a hobby for grown ups. Even seniors will enjoy aquaponic farming as a hobby as it doesn’t include back breaking work and doesn’t take up all of your time.

The aquaponics system is an enjoyable, rewarding and healthy activity at the same time for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Get yourself informed and start building today.

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