Most Popular Grow Tents Size In the Market

Grow tents are best for growing any type of plants indoor. You have wide range of options with grow tent. You can grow your own vegetable within your house. You don’t even need soil. All nutrients and ventilation come with kits. In short, growing any type of plant with grow tent is simply advantageous.

However there are only a limited number of grow tents being popular with the growers. They are 4×4 grow tent, 8×8 grow tent and 10×10 grow tent.

Benefits of using 4×4 Grow tents:

First of all the 4×4 grow tents come cheap. They are riced around $300 and with some discount you can grab them even for 100 bucks. Secondly, they are compact in size. However the 2×2 grow tent is more compact the 4×4 provides space for plant growth. And it is most widely purchase because of its size 4 ft by 4 ft. Who doesn’t have that size for growing plants?

Benefits of Using 8×8 Grow Tents:

We saw how the 4×4 grow tent was compact and popular because of its size. However, the above grow tent is meant for beginners. This 8×8 grow tent is for serious gardeners. You cannot grow large amount of plants in a short space. Above all you get to enter your grow tent without disturbing your plants. Think about entering a grow tent of 4×4? Of course you can’t. This is why 8×8 grow tent is the next step for those who had previous experience in growing.

Benefits of Using 10×10 grow Tents:

We saw grow tents for beginners and grow tents for serious gardeners. But we didn’t speak about large scale growing. This is when the 10×10 grow tent comes. This tent has large space which makes its perfect for the growing of large plants which require ample space. Of course there are larger grow tents than this size. However, when it comes to pricing this grow tent gives the most bang for the buck. Hence, its popularity.

Where can I buy Grow Tents:

There are many places to buy grow tens from. However, we recommend This site has a list of 20 grow tents of various sizes listed. Moreover, you can  read the reviews of the grow tents over there.

Please Note: All the types of Grow tents discussed are Gorilla Grow Tents. If you are looking to purchase any other type of grow tents then it will be at a much cheaper const. But we strongly recommend that you buy a Gorilla Grow Tent as it lasts longer and is the most sturdiest of all.


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