Introduction to DIY Backyard Aquaponics

Are you wondering how you can create your own DIY backyard aquaponics setup? Are you interested in growing your own organic fruit and vegetables – but growing ten times the plants in half amount the time it would normally take? All this in a “garden” that never needs weeding has no soil pests and needs no fertilizer or compost!

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Aquaponics: More than a Hobby

As you probably already discovered, having your own garden and growing crops can be quite an intensive activity. It requires a lot of work, time and resources. The resources mainly being fertile land. If you had a vegetable garden for a longer period, you will know that nutrients in the soil will become depleted and you will have to fertilize it accordingly. There are organic ways to do this but often artificial fertilizers are being used. Also this fertilizing takes it’s time and money. It is because of these drawbacks that make many people decide to discontinue their efforts in growing their own organic food.

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Best Plants for Aquaponics

Traditional farming is starting to lose ground in favor of the new ways of growing plants. Most people have directed their attention towards hydroponic farming which enables them to grow vegetables in their own house or their garage just using water and some specially designed pots.

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Aquaponics: How does it work?

The Earth needs help. Many scientists and also business people propose actions which are intended to save the world’s life such as minimizing the usage of fuel and petroleum, reducing the usage of electricity, planting one million trees, etc. But those acts might not be enough considering that the damage that humans have already inflicted. Read More

Aquaponic Farming

Aquaponics is a new way of approaching farming. Unlike traditional agriculture where you needed plants to grow vegetables, with aquaponics you need water and fish in order to have healthy food on your table each and every day. Read More