Grow Tent Size to Grow Egg Plants

Egg plants are very spacious growing plants. In fact their growth is similar to that of ladies finger. Therefore, while choosing a grow tent to grow egg plants you should consider their area of growth rather than height.

Now, choosing grow tent for egg plant depends on the number of plants.

If the number of egg plants are less than 20 or something then a grow tent of size 2’x4′ would be most suitable.

However, if you are a seasonable grower then you need grow tent of size 10×20. This large spacious grow tent will ensure that your plant thrives. Moreover, the extra are allows the vegetable to grow to its maximum size while fruiting.

But then the question of finance kicks in. The above grow tent will undoubtedly cost you $2000. Give or a take a few couple hundred bucks.

And if you are under financial strain then we highly recommend that you choose a grow tent of size 8×8. This size falls under the medium category and will serve egg plants around 100 numbers.

We strongly urge that you purchase Gorilla grow tent. This is because it is only these kind of grow tents that allow height to be adjusted. Therefore if you are eggplant seems to grow higher than usual due to some circumstances then you can easily adjust the height of your grow tent without any trouble.

if you are opting for any sort of grow tent then you won’t get the height adjusting ability. In some circumstances you will have to opt for a newer grow tent and this can increase your spending budget.

A piece of advice: We strongly urge you buy a grow tent package. A packages contains all the kits necessary to grow the plants. Of course it will cost more than just buying the grow tent itself. But the fact is that you will have to purchase those kits at one time or another.

Getting them in a package will bring down the cost drastically. So if you are purchasing 8×8 grow tent then go for the entire package.

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