Learning About Aquaponics

Are you interested in learning about aquaponics? Are you still not very aware of what is required to start? Here is some information which will help you understand the requirements better.

Save Money with Aquaponics

Save money with aquaponics

Nutrition is essential for good health. Unfortunately, less and less healthy food is available on the market. The fatty, semi-prepared food has taken over the supermarkets and local store. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find organic food that is not only tastier, but…

Selecting Fish for Aquaponics

fish tank

The fish you put inside the tank play a great role in the success of your aquaponic farming. This is why you will need to take good care of them and at the same time pay attention to that type of fish you choose.

Aquaponics Education

Floating aquaponics

An aquaponics system does not require a large sum of money. This basically means that you have got next to nothing to lose. This post will describe what you need for starting your own aquaponic garden.

Catfish for Aquaponics

Many people choose catfish for Aquaponics. Catfish are very good at adapting to their environment, are not territorial and breed quite easily. They tolerate water temperature variations and come in a variety of breeds suitable for various locations. The warmer the water that you keep…